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By taking part in my pre-recorded online Pilates classes, you fully understand that your teacher is not able to monitor your movement or offer any personal correction; you agree to take responsibility for your own body; you agree not to perform any exercises or movements that may cause you discomfort; and you confirm that you are fit and able to undertake the class. If you are unsure please consult your GP or other health professional. You must ensure that you are working in a safe environment and that you are able to clearly see and hear the video in order to follow the instructions of the teacher.


Welcome to G-ILATES Pilates On Demand!

Here you can find a library of classes that you can rent. 

Rent a class for 7 days | £6 ​

Subscribe to UNLIMITED classes for 30 days | £40 



New classes added each week!

To rent a class click on the video and rent direct through Vimeo.

Once you have signed in I recommend viewing classes on here rather than Vimeo's site for a smoother service. 

Don't forget to tag @gilatespilates in any photos!

If you have any questions/ requests or feedback get in touch.

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On Demand Classes: Pro Gallery