I’ve always wanted to try Pilates and never have. So I did my first G-ILATES class and absolutely loved it. Georgia is ridiculously knowledgable, a fantastic teacher and makes the class fun as well as a really good work out. Georgia adapts the class to every level of experience, I’d highly recommend it.

Jenna Colbert


Online classes

Georgia has been teaching me pilates for over 8 months. Georgia’s teaching is brilliant, simple and effective, she has taken me from absolute novice into a man with no fear on a Pilates mat. Classes and sessions are always fun, allowing you options to test yourself while also helping to learn your body and it’s limitations. Since doing pilates with Georgia, my bodies old aches and pains have gradually disappeared , and my previously none existent obliques are getting there. I can’t recommend Gilates enough.

Mark Littlewood


Online classes, 1:1 sessions

Georgia is a brilliant teacher and extremely knowledgable. I did 1:1 with her whilst pregnant and have continued to do postnatal Pilates with her. My core has really strengthened thanks to her and I feel completely at ease that she knows which exercises I should and shouldn’t be doing.

Maxine Burchett


Online classes, Pre + Postnatal, 1:1 sessions

Georgia is incredibly passionate, inspirational and dedicated to her teaching. She loves Pilates more than life itself, and it shows! You couldn’t find a better Pilates teacher - she is funny, endearing and knows her stuff. The upside to the pandemic for me is that I now get to be part of G-ilates classes all way the way from Australia! You’re awesome G!

India Bennett

Bondi, Australia

Online classes + 1:1 sessions

Georgia is a wonderful, passionate teacher and the only person who has managed to make me exercise from home. Her classes are easy to follow, engaging and she gives plenty of options to allow you to work at your own level.

Louisa Emery

Sydney, Australia

Online classes

Whether it’s online, 1:1 or in studio a class with Georgia always leaves you feeling energised, stretched and stronger. The classes are dynamic and always take into consideration the experience levels of participants. I couldn’t recommend G-ilates more to anyone new or experienced at Pilates.

Hannah Fraser

Stockholm, Sweden

Online classes, small group + 1:1 sessions

I hadnt really done any pilates until I became pregnant. Georgia's classes were brilliant and i would always feel that endorphine high afterwards! Her gentle but encouraging teaching allowed me to go beyond what i thought i could do and also take care and rest when i needed to. I am a pilates convert now!

Rachel Gildea


Online Prenatal Classes

Georgia is a fabulous online Pilates teacher. Her instructions were so easy to follow and great to move after long hours at the desk.

Maragaret Mote

Melbourne, Australia

Online corporate sessions 

LOVE G-ILATES Pilates classes! Georgia is a fantastic and diligent teacher. Being quite new to Pilates it is great to have someone who will modify, adjust and remind me of the correct way to do the movement. Whether it's 1:1, online or a small group session - I would 100% recommend giving it a go.

Laura Hayes

Dublin, Ireland 

Online classes + 1:1 sessions

Thank god for Georgia during lockdown. Her classes are personal even through a computer screen and offering variations means it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or pro!

Emma Bennett


Online classes

I’ve been doing Pilates on and off for a long time - but your classes have really helped me take steps forward in confidence, strength, and especially learning the proper breathing which I’ve never understood before! I am also working with health issues and have found it easy to adapt and follow the classes, your explanations, variety and levels offered are great. Thanks @gilatespilates.

Lindsay Reid 


Online classes

I’m in such a good mood after this mornings G-ILATES Pilates class, which is especially important right now!! Such a great way to start the day!

Gemma Scholes


Online classes

I just did the weights class and really enjoyed it! Loving getting back into Pilates, although my abs are killing me!

Cool set up with the On Demand Classes! Looking forward to more.

Sarah Abery


Live classes + On Demand classes

Thank you Georgia for this evening's class. It's my first home Pilates class and I really enjoyed it. Great way to end the workday and get moving.


Melbourne, Australia

Online Corporate sessions  

Thank you so much for brightening my year and making me more fit and healthy than I could have imagined. 

You are amazing!

Mandy Chang


Live classes + Small group classes

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